Monday, 25 December 2017

Connect Kindle Support Team and Solve Kindle Related Issues

Kindle fire is an electronic gizmo that has been created by and that is graded in a concert of the superb sources for e-reading. Kindle fire allows streaming of all the movies and television shows, together with newspapers, e-books, and sensible magazines. It's one of all the foremost trustworthy on-line reading online gizmo that has created your reading far more easy and convenient. Its tablet-like characteristics make it moveable so that we can carry it anywhere.

Kindle is a known brand all over the world. It is a very well-known and highly used consumer gadget for e-reading. Its ease of using and content leads to increase the number of users per day. It offers various apps, bank account social networking etc. There are some other features as well as and tools also for security. To secure your Kindle Fire is a query and to know more about it you can contact Kindle helpline number.

We provide assistance for all kindle related issues. If you are facing problem due to any software reason, or any other problem then we are here to resolve it. Contact Kindle customer service number anytime as we are available 24*7. 

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

How to Update Kindle Fire Software | Customer Service

Like different tablets, the Kindle Fire also receives occasional updates that add new options and improve security. These updates sometimes happen mechanically, however in some cases, they don’t, which means you’ll have to be compelled to begin the update yourself, or manually apply the update to your device. Neither, a method is especially exhausting or extended, however, it helps to understand what, exactly, you would like to try, to keep your device updated. That’s wherever we tend to are available. Below, we’ll detail a way to update your varied Kindle device. In case of any confusion, you can take help from Kindle fire customer service.

Requirements for Updating:

·        Your Kindle fire battery should be in good condition.
·         You must be connected to a properly working Wi-Fi networking.

Steps for Direct Updating:

1-     From the home screen, click on the settings icon on your Kindle device to open it.

2-   Go to Sync

3-   Check for the update available or not.

4-   If the update is available, it will show a notification on screen.

5-    Just click on the notification to update your Kindle Fire.

6-   The updated software will be automatically downloaded in the background.

7-    Just restart your device to apply the changes.

8-   Updating your device is successful.

Manual Updating:

If you want to manually update your Kindle fire through the computer, then follow the steps given below. Also, remember that this is the time taking the process and not easy as the previous one.

1.      Visit Amazon’s Kindle Software Updates page.

2.    Choose the device as Kindle Fire.

3.    On that download page, click on the link that says Download Software Update.

4.    Connect your Kindle Fire to your PC.

5.     Click that device icon shown on a computer screen and then navigate to kindle update folder.

6.    Now, find the software downloaded in upper steps and then copy/paste it into the folder.

7.     Once the software update has been copied, disconnect Kindle Fire safely from the computer.

8.    Now unplug the USB cable from your computer and continue to update your device through the steps given below.

Update the Kindle Software

1.      Go to, Settings icon followed by More > Device.

2.    Here, you will see an option Update Your Kindle. Click on it to start the update.

3.    Your Kindle Fire will reboot twice to complete the updating process.

For any glitches, you face while updating your Kindle Fire device, you can contact the customer support. The 24/7 toll-free Kindle customer service phone number is available around the globe. Users can contact anytime and from anywhere to seek help.